Aquaculture Line

In DISAGRO® we have more than 18 years serving the aquaculture market in Central America, experience that has allowed us to develop solutions according to the specific needs of our customers, mainly in shrimp production. Part of this effort is the innovation of a software specialized in chemical and biological measurements, which can accurately determine the results of water quality, being the basis of the analysis protocols and recommendations made by our technical team in situ.

The AQUAPLUS line has been exclusively formulated to meet the different needs of the aquaculture market:

Ferti-Plus It is an aquaculture fertilizer, 100% soluble based on nitric nitrogen, which does not contain ammoniacal nitrogen as most fertilizers for agricultural use. Due to its chemical characteristics, it has a positive effect as a promoter of phytoplankton and zooplankton; it works as a regulator of organic matter in soils due to its oxidation process; it immediately provides oxygen to the environment, producing greater stability in the crop. Also, derived from the new market trends towards organic production, we have a version of Ferti-Plus Organic.

It has the highest concentration of silicon in the market and receives a thermal process that makes its active principle better dispersed and more assimilable. It is a promoter and regulator of diatoms, a specific group of phytoplankton, which are primary food for cultured organisms. Diatoms contain a high nutritional value, high protein and unsaturated fatty acid content, which helps improve the feed conversion factor and reduces the growth of unwanted groups of phytoplankton. Silica-Plus is certified organic and is distributed in granular presentation, allowing a slow and prolonged release.

is a natural biological product, containing a concentrated mixture of active enzymes, bacteria and organic catalysts to digest and metabolize organic and inorganic contaminants present in water bodies and aquaculture pools, as well as to improve the intestinal integrity of the animals. Its activation is immediate and can be applied to the water column, directly to the soil or as a probiotic directly in the feed.